Brigitte Pappot

Dosha’s & Food: Pitta

24 January 2018


Dosha’s & Food: Integrating Ayurveda in Your Daily Life

Cooking course to discover which food is supporting your health

The second workshop will be all about the fiery Pitta dosha. Brigitte will explain about the elements and qualities of Pitta dosha. What its function in the body is and in nature. What tastes, herbs and foods will support Pitta dosha. The second half of this workshop we will prepare dishes which will cool and support Pitta dosha.

Vata Dosha, Wednesday 17 January
Pitta Dosha,Wednesday 24 January
Kapha Dosha,Wednesday 31 January

€150 for all 3 workshops
€60 for a single workshop

It is best to follow the complete course to get a full understanding. But we offer also a single workshop option.

Location: YogaFest Studio
Date: Wednesday 24 January 2018
Time: 18.00 – 20.30
Price: €60 for a single workshop

About Brigitte Pappot

Brigitte started her career as a sports masseur over twelve years ago. She has expanded her skills by studying the techniques of Deep Tissue Massage and the Lymphatic Massage. Her curiosity towards the influence of the mind on the body (and vice versa) has intrigued her all of the way and to deepen this connection she graduated as  Ayurvedic Practicioner at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (AAS).

As a part of this journey end 2015 she travelled to India where under the guidance of Dr Vijith and Dr Vidya (Vaikom Clinic, Kerala) she expanded her knowledge on skin diseases and Vata management. Once back to the Netherlands she has been asked to host and assist Dr Shailesh Muli (Pune, India) with various Panchakarma treatments for 3 weeks.

Brigitte looks for the best treatment suitable for her clients. Her goal is to bring body, mind and soul in balance through various massage treatments and ayurvedic consults. Next to that she organises workshops about various ayurvedic subjects, offers detox programs and support in defining the right eating pattern if required.