Gianni Mosella


A freedom seeker, Gianni approached Yoga at a very young age as a mean to find happiness after growing up in tough surroundings in Naples, South of Italy.

Discovering Yoga and venerable Indian Yogic culture really shaped his mind and influenced his positive take on life.

A BA in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts Academy in Naples, and a few years in Advertising and Fashion as a creative mind, reminded him that freedom is to be searched within.

Gianni is a devoted and respectful student of the Ashtanga Yoga System. He is exploring through daily self enquiry and under the guidance of his Teacher R. Sharath Jois in Mysore, India, after being introduced to this method by Brett Porzio in London. Gianni travels yearly to India (mostly to Mysore) to deepen his research. He is a KPJAYI authorized level 1 teacher.

Thanks to the teaching of Lakshmish Bhat from the KPJAYI in Mysore, he is now able to write and read in Sanskrit as a base to his daily study and practice. He believes that Sanskrit is at the base for a deeper connection with the ancient chants and texts.

The study and practice of Ayurveda is amongst the other things that interest him the most and that brought him so much wealth.

Gianni wishes to share all his happiness with everyone crossing his path.