Lotte Ritzer


Lotte Ritzer has been interested in the workings of the body, emotions and mind for as long as she can remember. So when she encountered yoga during one of her many trips in Asia, and discovered the deep healing effect, she immediately realized it’s invaluable significance.

Since then, her lifestyle turned more and more towards a yogic path. At first with a great curiosity for the asana practice and yoga philosophy – Which eventually has led her to an Ashtanga / Vinyasa TTC in India. But later also towards Buddhism, meditation and Advaita Vedanta. It was only then when she truly experienced her ‘home coming’. Awakening a lightness within her, an openness of heart, that she would love to spread and share.

In 2015 she has finished the advanced studies at Delight (500 TTC) – where she, besides two beautiful retreats focusing on ‘the heart’ and ‘the mind’, deepened her understandings of yin yoga. A practice she truly became to love. As a practitioner as well as a teacher.

Coming from a strong believe that yoga is a means to explore what or whom we truly are, she is always trying to encourage her students to take this path of self inquiry along with her. Guiding them to a ‘place’ where ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’, non-duality and ‘awareness itself’ are pivotal. Bringing them back to a place within themselves where they can experience a total openness and appreciation for what is.