Michael James Wong

From Sthira to Sukha

18 November 2017


Join Michael James Wong for a 1-day Immersion into the practice of Yang to Yin. Come for one workshop, or better yet, stay for both as we journey through an asana and sadhana experience that moves from strength to softness. In the practice of yoga we have asana, the physical practice, and we have sadhana, the spiritual one. This immersion will go deep into both sides of the practice creating the space the body & spirit. We’ll start the day with strong vinyasa aligning the body & mind in preparation for an afternoon of softness and stillness.

Sthira – Strength

In the morning we’ll challenge the body with a fierce & fiery practice the will align your focus through a steady Vinyasa Masterclass. We’ll balance the body, progress the practice and go deep into the physical body to stoke the fire within.

Sukha – Softness

In the afternoon we’ll slow it down and find stillness. With long, slow & deep restorative postures to bring the body back into balance, a discussion on our daily spiritual practice and a chance to sit in the stillness with an unguided meditation. This will be a practice to release, to let go, to cleanse the soul & spirit

This workshop is for all levels


Location: YogaFest Studio
Date: Saturday 18 November 2017
Time: 10.00 – 13.00 & 14.30 – 17.30
Price: €75 for the whole day

About Michael James Wong

Micheal James Wong (founder of The Boys of Yoga) is a Los Angeles native who now calls London home. He has had a deep and meaningful relationship with yoga and movement that spans over the past 15 years. Michael has been lucky enough to travel the world teaching and training with some of the worlds most inspiring teachers.

Always a student first, Michael continues to practice and teach with a powerful body, an open mind and a fearless heart. Michael teaches West Coast Power Yoga, a strong and dynamic union that joins the physical asana with the breath. These days, Michael aims to teach traditional yoga concepts with a modern day approach.