Mo Stipsen

Tantra Yoga Special Class

20 January 2018


The five pillars of Vinyasa Yoga.

The easiest way to advance your practice is through knowledge. Ujayi, Bhanda, Drishti, Mudra, Mantra.
Shine a light on how to integrate all the often separately talked about elements of Yoga into one and simplify and deepen your practice at the same time.

Mo Stipsen has had the opportunity to receive insights into the practice of Yoga from veterans of the art, according to their wishes to make them available to all.

This is a Special Class, so you are also very welcome if you have a Membership, 10 Class Pass or Intro Card.

Date: Saturday 20 January 2018

Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Price: €15 for a Single Class

Please note that you can book a week in advance through the regular class schedule, or e-mail us at and we reserve your spot.

About Mo

International travels have been key in broadening Mo Stipsens’ understanding of spiritual culture and how it relates to day to day practice.

Musician, Mystic and public speaker Mo Stipsen started practicing Yoga seriously in 2009, when he came back to Svaha Yoga, where he soon after enlisted as Karma Yogi. Before that (from 1999), he visited their classes as an aside to his training in Chinese Martial Arts. The roots of both the physical and philosophical practice go back to his childhood, showing a keen interest in martial arts and dance as well as receiving (Christian) religious training on a daily basis. All is included with Yoga.