Ramon Kinkel


Years ago, on his search for a healthier and more balanced life, Ramon found the path of yoga.  He noticed the positive impact yoga and meditation had on his life, and began to deepen his knowledge of yoga. While travelling through South-East Asia together with a yoga teacher, Ramon was so inspired he decided to travel to India to pursue his yogic passions.

Ramon spent almost 4 months of time in ashrams, where he learned and experienced the deepest meanings of yoga. After his spiritual birthday, his guru, dr. Guruji Omanand gave him the name Rama Anand, named after the Hindu god Rama. As Rama Anand, he became teacher and host at Paramanand Ashram Indore, India.

Currently, Ramon is here with hopes to spread his knowledge with love and joy. His goal is to allow his students to leave his class stronger, more flexible, and most importantly, free from any tensions or stress. His classes include traditional Hatha yoga asana, pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and meditation