Ronald van Pijkeren

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Ronald’s yoga journey started 10 years ago. During those years he tried various styles of yoga and learned about himself and life from joining many different workshops by both national and international teachers.


He is a certified 500hr+ vinyasa flow teacher and widened his knowledge with an Ayurveda teacher training and the musculoskeletal modules of the Svastha yoga therapy training. At the moment he’s practicing and teaching vinyasa flow in which he blends elements from ayurveda and yoga therapy.


He’s very grateful to the teachers he met along the way. Special gratitude goes uit to George Langenberg who was his first guide on this path. Special gratitude also goes out to Gösta van Dam and Patrick Vermeulen who gave him this strong fundament and helped him to uncover a deeper layer of his practice. And he owes special thanks to Victoria Hyndman who’s guidance helped him to finetune his practice and teachings according to ones own personal and unique practice and path.


Ronald strongly believes in a personal practice and in Krishnamacharya’s teachings: yoga should be adapted to the individual and it’s not the other way around. It’s all about what you as a unique individual need at this exact moment in time. It’s also important to have a good time.


He loves to move and flow and tries to keep things simple, down to earth and playful. Having a strong and healthy body has a positive influence on creating the connection with the mind and in finding balance. But he also feels it’s important to be aware of “the mind practice” yoga has to offer and brings into his class philosophy from ancient scriptures and modernists like Alan Watts and Burgs.


OM BOLO SHRI SAT GURU BHAGAVAN KI – “To my teacher within, the only teacher/knower of my truth…”