Ayurveda workshop


Ayurveda workshop

I study Ayurveda since 2004 and in 2010 I graduated at the Ayurveda Academy in Amsterdam. From that moment I started going to India for internships and “gurukula” trainings. The wonderful opportunity came to me to work closely with Dr Shailesh from Pune and Vaidyar Aneeshjan from Kerala in 2013.

We are offering Pancha Karma, classes, internships to students from the west. In 2015 Vaidyar Aneeshjan and I found a place to work and live in Kerala. We started a foundation and build a clinic. In our Manna Home Foundation local children get free medical care (medicine and treatments) and we help girls going to school.

At the same time the clinic is the place where our students from the Ayurveda Training can go for internships and other study programs. Our training aims to intensively supervise small groups of students during their Ayurveda journey. The set-up of our program offers the right balance between theory and practice. The theoretical training is based upon the original texts of the Astanga Hridayam.

During this training the student will have ample opportunity to develop therapeutic skills into practice through practical assignments during classes and internship(s). At the end of the study you are capable to give good constructive advice on lifestyle, diet and treatment. This TT starts on March 17 and 18. What to expect during the 300 hour Ayurveda training:

Theory: Sutras from classical texts

  • Desire for long life
  • Dinacharya- daily regime
  • Seasons
  • How the disease forms
  • Knowledge of liquids- Nutrition
  • Nutrition
  • Protection of food
  • Quantity of food
  • Importance of Dravya’s
  • Tastes



  • 2 types of Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massages)
  • Marma
  • Anatomy
  • Prana
  • Diagnosis (Pulse/Tongue/Face/Nails)
  • Practice on examination of the patient
  • Shirodhara, Pinda Swedana, Udvartana
  • Netra Basti, Kati Basti, Karna Poorana
  • Making of oils
  • Classes on medicated oils and medicine


If you have still questions about this TT you can join the information day on January 14  at our Studio:

14.00 – 15.00  Dr. Shailesh talk, “Your dosha and pulsing” 

15.00 – 16.00 information about the 300hr Ayurveda TT and Q&A

We are looking forward to meet you during the open day!

Warm greetings Miriam

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