Annemieke de Poel


During my 11 years traveling and living in numerous places around the world, my interests in the human body and mind deepened. Spending seven years in Asia introduced me to the benefits of yoga and also inspired me to take courses in Ayurvedic medicine & massage and then Zen shiatsu massage, both in Dharamsala, India. In addition, I studied Reiki 1 & 2 in Palenque, Mexico.

Living so long in cultures where Nature guides the way, the desire to apply its healing benefits drove me to seek professional qualifications back home in the Netherlands.


I graduated as a natural healing therapist from the Bloemendaal College for Natural Healing Hippocrates in 2010. Bodywork was my favoured specialisation in addition to counseling and herbal medicine. I’m trained in techniques like classic massage, deep tissue, rebalancing and foot reflexology. However, I developed my own style which combines all techniques. This could be described as ‘holistic relaxation massage’.


In 2011, I left to live in Ibiza for 5 years, pursuing my passion for massage and sunshine. There I gave treatments on numerous yoga retreats and to private clients from all over the world. During many years of treating bodies, its response to healing touch has fascinated me. It’s made me realize how much the body remembers, knows and tells. That’s to say, how much it’s in need of care and a loving touch.