Annette Grippeling




During her study Health science, massage and yoga came on her path, first classical massage, later acupressure and babymassage. Only when she felt herself the warmth and deep relaxation of the Ayurvedic massages, she knew she only could follow this passion.
She loves to invest in continuously learning  in the knowledge of Ayurveda in Holland ánd India. She immersed herself at the source of Ayurveda: in a clinic in Kerala at the beginning of 2016.
Because we don’t come across stillness in our daily life or work and we do need it, you can find it in her relaxing, energising massages. A good massage restores the balance between body, mind and soul. She loves to use Ayurvedic insights and techniques to advice you how to life happy and  healthy and she is specialized in abhyanga, marma, shirodhara and lifestyle advice. Enjoy the stillness & connection.