Katrin Kögel


When I moved at the beginning of this century from Germany to Amsterdam to join my love and to study jazz singing, I took a yoga class for the first time -a discovery that my life has since made richer and more beautiful.


When I followed a class with Anat Geiger, I immediately felt that I had found my teacher. I followed and still follow various teacher trainings with her, and now I work as an assistant and voice coach for these programs.

Anat’s lessons for me are an infinite source of knowledge and inspiration. When I first came into contact with Yin Yoga, I fell immediately in love with this special silent practice. Yoga made me become better friends with my body. And soon I was allowed to experience that I could enjoy the effects of a much deeper practice. I learned to take care of myself and others much better.


Fully in the here & now, without distractions, without judgment and without comment. My heart softens again and again, even in moments of discomfort and pain. And especially not to lose the sense of humor, albeit on the yoga mat or amidst the chaos of daily life. This beautiful experience, I would like to share with you in my classes.