How do you feel when people around you are friendly and enthusiastic and they are talking to you with love? You feel great, you also become enthusiastic and inside you feel love. And how do you feel if someone is shouting at you and starts to curse you? You feel awful and perhaps this depressing feeling will stay in you for hours or even days. The same concept applies to animals, plants and even plain water.

The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto researched the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on water. He started to study the crystalline structure of water originating from different sources. Water from a clean water source has a beautiful crystalline structure under a microscope. The crystals of polluted water are distorted and fragmented. His next experiments involved the effect of music on water, such as classical music and rock music. When playing classical music the water crystals showed beautiful structures, when playing loud rock music the water crystals were distorted.

Emoto continued his experiments by analysing the effect of spoken words on water. When using words such as love and gratitude, water produced harmonic structures. Words such as hate and anger created distortion and confusion and the crystalline structure disintegrated.

Next he put rice in three glasses of water. Rice exposed to positive speech resulted in visually pleasing crystals being formed. Rice subject to negative speech started to decay and stink. And rice in the glass of water that was completely neglected, started to rot and stink even faster! You can do this experiment yourself at home.

This means that we are able to influence matter and form using our feelings, emotions and intentions. Positive emotions, feelings and intentions lead to harmonic structures, negative intentions lead to distortion of form and structure. More than fifty percent of the human body is water. Now we understand why emotions, feelings and intentions have such a large influence on us. The vibrations of singing bowls and gongs affect us (our body, our emotions and our feelings) in the same manner as classical music, possibly even stronger. For this reason Maarten and Hanneke of Tai Loi always play with a lovable intention for you during their sound healings.

You are able to heal your body and other people’s bodies using positive intentions, feelings and emotions. By doing this the crystalline structure of water improves. And because these crystalline structures are more harmonic and powerful, their form will be conserved for a longer period. This means that your body stays healthy for a longer period of time.

Plants growing near gongs and singing bowls have the same experience. Think about a plant in your room literally growing through the ceiling and an orchid having a lot more buds and flowers than before.

Tai Loi will give a sound healing concert mid December at YogaFest Studio in Amsterdam. Come along and experience yourself what the sounds will do to you.


By Maarten Schurink

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