Suzan van de Roemer


Suzan van de Roemer

“Where focus goes energy flows” – Tony Robins

We sometimes live too high in this society, so having too much stress is easily accepted. But this is unhealthy and not good for your well-being and joy. By living a more conscious life you stand with both feet on the ground and you can experience more beautiful moments.

Time goes fast, very fast. We run and fly and can barely keep up with our own pace. What are my needs? What have I experienced and witnessed? Am I on the right track? How can I create more time for myself? How do I fulfill my wishes?

A lot of questions, but what you want is often already known, but you can’t reach it since it’s covered by layers formed by the delusions of the day. By looking inward it will become clearer what you want, where you want to go and what’s important to you. That’s what meditation does for you.

In the late seventies dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn developed Mindfulness to help improving the quality of live of patients that dealed with severe stress or pain. Today Mindfulness is practiced by people who just want to function better in daily life. It improves your quality of life when you learn to know yourself, your emotions, accept your mind and body as it is. In a relaxed manner you’ll learn to deal with all that is happening around you, whether it’s good or bad.

Through Mindfulness you begin to feel mentally and physically more stable, less agitated and sleep better and you’ll become more creative than before. This enables you to resolve conflicts with yourself and your environment and you will better recognize and utilize your talents. In short, mindfulness can help you feel better and it brings more satisfaction in life.

Take this time for yourself, in meditation, all attention is for you.


Training (8 weeks):

By Suzan van de Roemer

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