Originated from nature and discovered by two passionate women that tried everything on their difficult skins. While using their personal experience with skincare as their guide they discovered their holy grail. Squalan is the result of a long search for the ideal skincare, softening, calming and regenerating every skin.

As a child Monique already had a super sensitive skin that was always hurting. After years of using makeup for work her skin could not take it anymore. Nothing could sooth her skin anymore, which let to a lot of frustrations. She needed to stop her work for tv because makeup was no option anymore. Her personal quest took more than 10 years.

Pure Squalan made me and my skin euphoric, finally something that regenerated and soothed my skin. After testing it for 2 years on myself and others we decided to share this magnificent ingredient with the world. Everyone deserves a healthy pain free and toxic free skin. A beautiful skin boosts your self-confidence immensely. -Monique, co-founder-

Leslie was born with a healthy strong skin but after a period with surgery and antibiotics her body changed on several levels. She gained weight, got sensitive bowl syndrome and sensitive skin. After trying everything from the inside and outside she got it under control but her skin remained very sensitive.

“Pure Squalan soothes my skin even in difficult times and that gives so much confidence, especially when your body is out of balance it is essential to trust your skincare” -Leslie, co-founder-

Three years after Monique en Leslie decided to share Squalan with the world, the brand has 4 skincare products. Squalan products are 100% natural, consist of only a few ingredients, only consist of ingredients that really add something to the product and can be used for all skintypes, even a sensitive skin. The products are free of perfume, conservatives, parabenen, are vegan and not tested on animals.

Try it for free at YogaFest Studio

Do you want to keep your skin healthy and get your glow back? You can try all 4 products. If you leave your name and email address at the YogaFest Studio desk you receive sachets of all 4 products.

For more information about the products and inspiration please check the website and facebook page!


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