Pregnancy is one of the most important and life changing periods in a woman’s life. Thanks to yoga this time can be experienced in a more positive and relaxing mood and with a sense of joy and acceptance.

In a busy life it is really important to take time to focus on the present moment, to create acceptance and prepare to embrace the changes that a baby will bring to your life. As every pregnancy and every woman is different, it is always advisable to take time to listen to your body and ask yourself, your inner teacher, what you and your baby really need. Then take time to discover what brings you more benefit for your body, mind and life.

Yoga means “union” and during pregnancy you can be able to experience a deep sense of union, this is also why practicing yoga during this period can be a wonderful way to feel more in touch with the body and the baby and giving to both unconditional love at every breath.

Asanas will help the body to feel a sense of well being in a moment of physical change improving posture and relieving tensions and small pains. Through breathing (pranayama), positions (asanas) and deep relaxation mums will have a chance to prepare  mind and body for giving birth and motherhood. The breathing concentration is essential to cultivate relaxation and go beyond a better labour and childbirth.

Do’s & Dont’s during yoga while pregnant:

  • Listen to your body and feel free to avoid any positions feels uncomfortable;
  • Move slowly and gently;
  • Rest when is needed;
  • Use props to support the practice especially when resting;
  • Practice pelvic floor exercises to learn how to identify, tone and release this muscles;
  • Avoid any practice in the first trimester except for Yoga Nidra;
  • Avoid deep twist, jumps, inversions, backbends, hot, vigorous or exhausting practices;
  • Don’t hold the breath or practice vigorous pumping breaths like kapalabhati;
  • Don’t rest on your belly and after the 30th week don’t rest on your back but on your left side;


With great respect and love, I honour my heart, my inner teacher.”

~ Mukunda Stiles

By Beatrice Savaris

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