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Yoga Therapy is the practical application of Yoga principles and tools for the prevention, management and treatment of physical and mind health conditions, adapted to the individual. Although Yoga Therapy is generally practiced one-on-one, research shows highly effective results on groups of students for the management of stress, anxiety and mild sleep problems.

Yoga Fest Studio and The Yoga Therapy Institute, in their unique collaboration, bring you these exceptional classes to make Yoga Therapy accessible for everyone, under the experience and care of internationally qualified and certified yoga therapists.

The classes incorporate therapeutic dynamic movements with the breath, simple Asanas, breathing techniques and adaptations of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Yoga philosophy and elements of Yoga Therapy through the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Kosha System will also be introduced to the students through the sessions.

The purpose of these classes is to gently integrate Yoga Therapy practical tools and new inspiration in the students’ own way of life, so each can adapt them to their own needs. This is done in a safe, friendly and approachable manner, a distinctive signature of The Yoga Therapy Institute’s teaching philosophy.

Important: If you suffer from any serious health conditions, or you would simply like to share any health information with the yoga therapists before your class, please contact Montserrat and Marleen at

About Montserrat G Mukherjee

One of the first yoga therapists in Europe, Montserrat G Mukherjee qualified at the top of her class at The Yoga Biomedical Trust in London over 10 years ago. She was part of a 3 -year intense study by a pioneering generation of yoga therapists led by world-renowned Dr Robin Monro. Since then, she has been working as a yoga therapist with hundreds of clients from all over the world. She is also a qualified Restorative Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra teacher, and has done many studies from the Bihar School of Yoga, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga traditions. Montserrat is the founder of The Yoga Therapy Institute in Amsterdam, and The Yoga Therapy 500 and 800 -hour Diploma, the first Yoga Therapy Program in Europe to be accepted in its application of accreditation with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

About Marleen Jansen

Marleen is a dedicated, knowledgeable yoga therapist with over 700 hours of yoga teacher training at Sivananda School in New York, the Yoga Academy in Amsterdam, and the outstanding Yoga Therapy Diploma at Yoga Campus in London. She also holds a Higher Professional Level Course Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology @ CIVAS in collaboration with Academy of Ayurvedic Studies. Marleen is currently working as a yoga therapist with clients based in Amsterdam, and she is an essential member of The Yoga Therapy Institute’s team, as a leading yoga therapist and a mentor for new students.

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